I Don’t Buy It

Jesus welcomed people who doubted him, and encouraged people not to hold back on their hard questions about him.  In this series we address the six biggest objections and doubts to Christianity.  Who knows, you may begin to doubt your own skepticism.

To go along with this series we encourage you to pick up Timothy Keller's book "The Reason for God" from the Oasis Bookstore on Sundays. Every week of this six week series will coincide with a chapter from the book as outlined below and we will also be looking at all this and more in Life Groups each week!

Week 1 - Oct 20 - Isn't the Bible a Myth? - Ch 6 & 7
Week 2 - Oct 27 - Only one way to God? - Ch 1
Week 3 - Nov 3 - Why are there so many rules? - Ch 3
Week 4 - Nov 10 - Why is there so much Evil? - Ch 2
Week 5 - Nov 17 - How can God send people to hell? - Ch 5
Week 6 - Nov 24 - Why are Christians such hypocrites? - Ch 4

Teachings from this series: