Why Life Groups?

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1. Life Groups support our invest and invite evangelism strategy.

  • They allow attendees the flexibility to bring people to our Sunday morning “foyer” environment.
  • Some people are more open to visit a home than they are willing to visit a church.

2. Life Groups are conducive to the development of authentic community.

  • They are a predictable environment.
  • They are the best environment for the development of accountability, a sense of belonging and care (the A,B,Cs).
  • A home environment is more inviting and warm.
  • Their size insures that no one slips through the cracks.
  • There are no time constraints, allowing meetings to run long without interfering with other programming.

3. Life Groups enable more people to serve on Sunday mornings.

  • Attendees aren’t forced to make a decision between serving on Sunday morning and participating in a class.
  • It allows leadership to participate in a small group environment without forcing them to give up their Sunday morning responsibility.

4. Life Groups decentralize leadership.

  • They spread out the leadership responsibility to group leaders.
  • They allow for more leadership opportunities.
  • They utilize a broader range of spiritual gifts.

5. Life Groups offer maximum flexibility.

  • Groups can schedule their meetings in conjunction with their family schedules.
  • Groups can meet anywhere and are not tied down to one location.
  • Individuals or couples have multiple groups from which to choose.

6. Life Groups allow us to be good stewards of our resources and remove the primary limits to growth.

  • We will require fewer church owned and maintained facilities, which in turn frees up more money for other areas.
  • We will never run out of room with our groups strategy.
  • We will never run out of parking with our groups strategy.

7. Life Groups are the optimal environment for sustained life change.

  • They provide connection with other believers, which is critical to our spiritual development.
  • Because of their size, community groups are the ideal place for mutual encouragement and growth.