Replace Yourself

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You don’t have to have leadership all figured out to replace yourself. You just have to teach someone what you know. 

Why Replace Myself?

It improves your group experience. 

Share the responsibility of leadership. 
As an apprentice or co-leader begins to share your leadership responsibilities, you will have more time and energy to invest in the lives of your group members. That investment is what group leadership is all about. 

Find deeper community. 
Sometimes God calls you to mentor or minister to the members of your group. But you can’t create community if you aren’t experiencing it yourself. During these seasons, an apprentice or co-leader can be your community as you help others navigate life. 

Fill the gaps. 
You and your group will benefit from the input of more than one leader. And you’ll find that your apprentice or co-leader connects relationally with some of the personalities in your group more easily than you do.

What Do I Do?

Just three things: 

Extend a personal invitation to someone in your group. Don’t ask for volunteers. Look for someone you’re already connecting with and who is willing to share your responsibilities and get involved in leadership. Remember: You don’t need to find someone who can lead a group right now. Your apprentice or co-leader will have plenty of time to learn and grow. 

Relationship is the priority. You and your apprentice or co-leader need to encourage each other’s spiritual growth through transparency and accountability. It will benefit you both. 

At first, you’ll share tasks with your apprentice or co-leader, such as planning group meetings and sending emails. Your goal is to eventually share responsibilities, such as facilitating discussions, leading prayer time, and investing relationally in group members.

Leave the Training to Us

We’ll invite your apprentice or co-leader into the same great leadership development opportunities that you experience: one-on-ones with the Community Life Pastor, leader training events, and coaching environments.