The 8 Life Group Leader Essentials

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The 8 Life Group Leader Essentials

  1. Cultivate Relationships (How you build community)
  2. Promote Participation (How you lead a group)
  3. Serve Together (How you maximize influence in the community)
  4. Celebrate Change (How you recognize what God is doing in your group)
  5. Provide Care (How you handle tough situations)
  6. Replace Yourself (How you intentionally apprentice)
  7. End Well (How you transition your group)
  8. Stay Connected (How you stay spiritually nourished)

The purpose of a Life Group is

...To provide a predictable small group environment where participants experience authentic community and spiritual Growth.

Authentic Community

  • Accountability
  • Belonging
  • Care

Spiritual Growth

  • Intimacy with God
  • Community with Insiders
  • Influence with Outsiders

The "wins" for the group leader are

...when you grow in the three vital relationships.

...when you shepherd the group members’ growth in the three vital relationships.

...when you create a predictable group environment by successfully executing the six leader essentials.