Intentional Apprenticing

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• Focus on cultivating group relationships
• Encourage group to get involved in leadership through facilitation, administration, planning socials, etc.
• Begin to look for apprentice

• Name an apprentice
• Inform group that the apprentice will be sharing leadership duties
• Bring apprentice to Life Group training nights
• Provide opportunities for apprentice to lead

• Connect apprentice with Community Life Pastor
• Transfer leadership to apprentice
• Provide helpful feedback
• Prepare the group for multiplication

How Do I Identify My Apprentice?

In looking for a potential apprentice leader, it is important to remember that we are not looking for someone who can lead a group tomorrow. We are looking for a teachable group member who has the potential to be a great group leader in the future. We have identified four C's that will assist you in prayerfully considering who in your group may be a good apprentice leader. Our four C's are detailed below:

• First and foremost, it is important to determine if your potential apprentice has established a personal relationship with Christ. Can your potential apprentice point to a time when he or she established a relationship with Christ, and has he or she been growing in a relationship with Christ for over two years?
• Recognizing that character is what makes a leader worth following, is your potential apprentice someone worth following?
• Are you comfortable with your potential apprentice's moral authority to model for other group members what it looks like to be in a growing relationship with Christ?

• Is your potential apprentice someone who is teachable and able to learn the skills necessary to create a predictable environment where authentic community and spiritual growth can occur?
• Does your potential apprentice have the relational skills to effectively lead a group at some point in the future?
• Have you seen your potential apprentice display leadership skills (i.e., facilitating group discussions, planning socials, providing care, etc.) in your group?

• Is your potential apprentice currently a member of our church, or will he or she agree to pursue membership?
• Does your potential apprentice recognize the leader's role as a faciliator, not a teacher or counselor?
• Is our potential apprentice committed to the mission and strategy of our church?

• Have you been able to relationally connect with your potential apprentice?
• Have you seen your potential apprentice connect with other members of your group?
• Are you comfortable with your potential apprentice's ability to relate to others?

If you answered "No" to any of the above questions in considering a member of your group as a potential apprentice leader, we suggest discussing your concerns with the Community Life Pastor to decide whether these are areas that can be developed in your potential apprentice.