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Some of Apostle Peter’s final recorded words to the early Church were, “What kind of people ought you to be?” (2 Peter 3:11). He’s asking, when we come to the end of our days, what should we be remembered for? Will we be known as a people who trusted in God, who persevered through struggle, and who held on
to hope? He is asking those early followers of Jesus, and He’s asking us too.

As we enter into this new chapter of our story, our hope is that you will fully engage with God and with our church during this time. Three words capture the process we are asking you to go through: SURRENDER, LISTEN, and OBEY.

Our challenge to you is:

  • Pray a bold prayer: “God, what role would you have me play in our church’s future?”
  • Be willing to SURRENDER to God’s will.
  • Make space to hear from God. LISTEN to what He has to say to you.
  • Respond and fully OBEY whatever God asks of you.

This is a three-year process with the goal of raising $4 million. For the next three years, we are asking you to be committed and faitful above and beyond your usual tithe. Generosity shapes our character and changes who we are.

It’s our hope that many years from now, you are still telling the story of the role God had you play in the building of His Church.

Dustin Funk 

Lead Pastor, Oasis Church 

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Engage with God

Commit to being part of a Life Group. If you are already in a Life Group please commit to meeting every week for the next five weeks, following our For Winnipeg Life Group curriculum. If you are not in a Life Group, please contact Brynden at for more information.

Commit to attending all 5 Sunday services (October 18 through November 15). If you miss a Sunday, you will be able to listen to each message online at our teaching page.

Commit to entering into a spiritual process asking God to identify what role He wants you to play in building our church!

See our RESOURCES page for helpful downloads.

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