For Winnipeg

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the property located?

It is located at 940 Elmhurst Road at the corner of Wilkes Ave. 

What makes this property so appealing?

It is located just a short drive from our current location and is situated near a major road (Wilkes). It is at the point of a brand new development that will bring in over 7000 new families to the area. It is already serviced. It is one of the only parcels of land in/near the Charleswood area already zoned so we can build on it. 

Why Move?

The ability of Oasis to impact the world and our local community for Christ is being limited. Every square inch of available space at Charleswood School and 221 Cathcart Street has been maximized. We have been blessed to be at the school these ten years but this is not our facility. We have no control over changes that happen and are unable to add additional services. We are well over ideal capacity in our auditorium and in addition we have overflowing parking lots, kids and student areas. 

What about Setup and Tear-down volunteers?

We will have more then enough new areas for volunteering and some setup and tear-down still to do in our student and kids environments. Everyone we have spoken to on these teams are not concerned.

How many acres is the property?

The property is 7.4 acres.

What is the square footage of the building?

Including renovation of the current building and construction of the new building we are looking at just over 35,000 square feet.

What is the total cost of the property and the building?

We are still finalizing the building concept and getting estimates on building costs. The total cost is approximately $10 million. 

Will the building be available for weddings and funerals?

Yes. The building will be available for weddings and funerals.

Will we rent out the building?

Immediately no. We must focus on doing ministry out of this building first before we commit to other events. 

Will the auditorium have a sloped floor?

No. Instead the stage will be 3' tall to accommodate for sightlines. We have seen that having a flat floor is great for making the room multi use in that the chairs can be removed and arranged around tables or we can just have the area open for other events. 

What kind of seating will we have?

Our plan is to get what is commonly referred to as a "Church chair" in that it is a chair that links together and is cushioned but also removable and stackable.  

Is there a cry area for parents with young children?

In the first phase, we plan to have live audio and video as well as seating in the lobby space providing and comfortable place for parents with crying children to go and still enjoy the service.

Is there a kitchen?

Yes. We have a kitchen planned in the central area of the building.

What can I do to help support the campaign?

We want to invite everyone to SURRENDER, LISTEN and OBEY. Pray to be open to whatever God has for you in seeing this dream become a reality and be willing to surrender to God's will. Make space to hear from God and listen to what he may have for you. Respond to whatever God asks of you in full obedience.

See YOUR ROLE and RESOURCES pages for more information.

How long will the campaign last?

The campaign will last 37 months over four tax years.

When will we move in?

If the campaign is successful we anticipate to begin construction in 2016 and it will take approximately a year to build. 

Is my pledge amount in addition to my regular giving to Oasis?

Yes. We plan to continue operating the church while building the new church. 

Where do I send my For Winnipeg Campaign cheques?

Oasis Church
ATTN: For Winnipeg
940 Elmhurst Road
Winnipeg, MB R3R 3X7

Have we designed for expansion?

Yes. As God provides we have designed our facility to be expandable in two additional phases. 

Will I be able to change my commitment if I need or want to?

Yes. If you feel called to decrease or increase you commitment you may do so. However, the best way for us to plan how we fund our ministry will be based on these cards. 

When and How do I make my commitment?

We encourage you to follow the process we will be working through during our Sunday services and in our Life Groups from Oct 18 - Nov 15. If you haven't already, check out the Your Role page.

Will my commitment be kept confidential?

Yes. Your commitment will be kept confidential. If you are willing to share your story of commitment please let us know