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Even your first glance at the New Testament tells you that being a mature Christ-follower is all about loving well.  Yes, learning is important - but the goal of learning is that it would lead to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

One of the most important ways we grow with Christ is through developing our community with other Christ followers.

There are times when you or someone you love may be in need of care. Using the form below you can request multiple forms of care. Some of the most common ways we provide care are:

  • Prayer request - We would love to pray for you!
  • Hospital visit - Members of our Pastoral care team would love to come encourage and pray with you or your loved one. (you can let us know in advance too).
  • Pre-Marital Counseling - We hope you will invest significant time and money in your marriage relationship. If wedding bells are in your near future - members of our Pastoral Care Team would love to help you prepare. 
  • Wedding - Getting married? Oasis has a number of people available to pastor your special day!
  • Making Meals - Have a new addition to your family? Loved one in the hospital? Whatever the case may be we know how difficult it can be a times to make meals with so much going on so we have a team of people who would love to make you dinner. 
  • Elder Prayer - If you have a health problem you need prayer for, please let us know and we will set a time and place when Oasis Elders can pray. 
  • Funeral - We are sorry for you loss. We have a number of people available to speak and lead your loved ones funeral.  

If you are interested in being on the giving side of one or more of these Serving Teams then signup here!


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