About Oasis



Dustin Funk - Lead Pastor

Dustin serves as the lead pastor at Oasis. He has been at Oasis since the start and hopes to pastor this church for the rest of his life. Dustin's background includes a Diploma in Theology, a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Providence College. When Dustin's not playing with his two boys or spending quality time with his wife Lauren, he loves settling down with a good book, a conversation over a cup of coffee or enjoying just about any form of hockey.

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Wes Weiss - Pastor

Wes heads up the Service Programming team and a host of other executive details at Oasis. He has been at Oasis since the humble beginnings. He has a passion for music and has a strong desire to serve with excellence in all areas of church life. Wes and his wife Jaynee enjoy playing sports, working outside in the yard and spending time with their three boys.

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Adam MacLaren - Executive Pastor

Adam oversees operations at Oasis with a focus on business, creative, and communications. Adam takes great joy in the day to day workings of the church as well as crafting the way worship is experienced at Oasis. Adam directs a skilled team of volunteers in running things behind the scenes each week, leading people into intimate worship experiences. Adam and his wife Colleen enjoy traveling and time around the house.

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Brynden Devenny - Community Life Pastor

Brynden looks after the community care needs at Oasis, including Life Groups and Community and Pastoral Care. Brynden grew up in Winnipeg and attended University of Winnipeg and Canadian Mennonite University to complete his degree in Biblical Studies and Theology (with a minor in Kinesiology). Brynden is married to Brynden (you read that right!) and they have five kids. When he isn’t spending time with his family, Brynden enjoys reading, playing and watching sports and crafting the best cup of coffee possible.

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Darryl Janzen - Student Ministries Pastor

Darryl looks after the student ministry at Oasis. He has a great desire to see teens and young adults seek God in all they do and to grow into godly men and women. He loves hanging out with friends, eating taco salad, and he lives and breathes football.

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Tyler Ferguson - Student Ministries Pastor

Tyler looks after the student ministry at Oasis with Darryl. He is passionate about seeing God glorified in all that he does. When it comes to working with youth, he is committed to seeing them encounter God and grow into mature followers of Christ. He loves spending time with friends and family, but his wife Alyse is his greatest partner and best friend in all of their adventures. Chicken wings are one of his favorite foods and he welcomes any opportunity to grab a bite and connect.

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Alyse Ferguson - Children's Ministries Pastor

Alyse oversees Waumba Land, or as she likes to call it, the “small human” department. She holds a teaching degree and possesses a passion for working with children and building into their lives at an early age.  She has a desire to see them know the love of God and believes that to be the most exciting part of her job. This starts with creating a loving, safe, and fun environment that all of the small humans will be excited to attend. She enjoys traveling, trying new things, and spending time with her husband Tyler, friends, and family.  

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Patty Kambas - Children's Ministries Pastor

Patty, in many cases is that bubbly personality that you will see around UpStreet Sunday mornings if you have kids. Patty oversees all of our kids environments at Oasis with a passion for introducing children to Jesus. Much of Patty's spare time is spent with her various small group girls and life group friends. She is an avid tennis fan and enjoys specific NFL teams although she does not know why. 

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Colleen MacLaren - Director of Administration

Colleen works as the Director of Administration and has a passion for making things organized and efficient. In addition to helping out in the kid's areas on Sunday mornings, Colleen manages the Oasis office, coordinates various volunteer teams, helps plan events, and gets people connected to Serving Teams and Life Groups. In her off time, Colleen enjoys reading as many books as she can, traveling the world with her awesome husband (fellow staff member, Adam), and speding time with their growing herd of dogs and foster dogs.

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Jeremy Wat - Creative Arts Pastor

Jeremy is an expert storyteller utilizing multiple skills and forms to communicate Oasis' messages and teachings with our community both inside and outside the church. His motivation is, "Love what you do, and it will love you back." He also enjoys illustrating, watching films, and coffee with close friends. Jeremy and his wife Carla really enjoy time together along with their two children.

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Lauren Funk - Service Programming

Lauren works part-time in our Service Programming Department helping craft our weekend experiences. She has a passion for music and loves all varieties. She is wife to Dustin, and mother to their two boys Lincoln and Lane.  In her spare time (what spare time??), Lauren enjoys cooking and entertaining, running, and listening to CBC radio.

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Amanda Mitton - Host Teams Director

Amanda works part-time leading and serving our Host and Hospitality teams, including; parking attendants, Oasis Central, bookstore, the drinks station, ushers and greeters, and prayer team. She oversees the "first impression" of our community here at Oasis. Amanda and her husband, Devon enjoy spending time with their two children, often painting, writing, and "Playdoh-ing". In her limited spare time, Amanda enjoys listening to new music and trying new baking recipes 

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Vincenzo Russo - Pastor of Italian Ministry

Vincenzo leads Oasis' ministry to Italian speaking people in our community. Vincenzo and his wife Marcella enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Vincenzo loves reading, the opera and fine Italian cuisine.

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Tyson EisBrenner - Production Manager

Tyson oversees the technical production of Sunday morning services. With a team of skilled volunteers, he helps craft a creative, worshipful environment where people can feel comfortable and welcome. Tyson has a passion for music, particularly anything with a groove and a B3 organ. He also loves family game night, trying to beat his kids at Dutch Blitz.

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Kelly Gray - Facilities Manager

Kelly is excited to be the new guy on staff, and even more excited to have the opportunity to oversee the incredible new facilities that the Oasis family can now call home! After nearly nineteen years as a City of Winnipeg Fire Fighter, Kelly now works full time at the church making sure all things building and grounds related look and run like new for years to come! He is married to Kristen and they have two beautiful girls, Kyra and Lia. Kelly loves to travel with his family, enjoys coffee, cooking, and a good laugh. 

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